The Log

Welcome to our Log.  We started this blog in 2012 to chronicle the adventures of a family of six as we sell everything and move onto a converted bus for a while.  The house finally sold and we are on our way!

Our family made the decision to do away with most of our ties to “normal” life.  We scaled down, sold off nearly all our stuff (including our house) in exchange for freedom.  Changing our paradigm (and maybe yours too!) of walking in faith, the meaning of ‘success’, and what we want to pour into our children.  Focusing now on what is most important to us–loving and serving God and people.  We have been blessed with the opportunity to take a bus that has been converted into a mobile living space and adventure for a while.  Trusting that God will lead us as we learn to slow down, simplify, and enjoy the scenery as we meander along in all that we do.


Spring in Massachusetts. Lovely season to be in New England. Sean is from a little town called Brockton, which is about 30 minutes south of Boston. He has three brothers and two sisters, all of whom still live there (with … Continue reading


Meet Christie.  We go way back to when we lived in Florida and only had toddler Bertle and baby Myrtle.  We’ve got a history that includes co-leading a mom’s ministry, prayer warrior sessions, late night walks all over Orlando, girlfriend … Continue reading

Wild Card

Wild Card….Cowboy….Pirate….Big Brother….Little Brother….in that order. I can only scratch the surface here, as usual, but here’s my attempt to put into words what happened.  When we arrived at Wickham this guy wasn’t supposed to be there. He should have … Continue reading


If I had to pick one month on this entire journey that stood out as the most life-changing, impactful, thought provoking, out of the norm and flat out exhilarating it would be January at Wickham Park in Melbourne, Fl.  I … Continue reading