Step # 2 -The Bedroom

Things have been very busy around here.  Unfortunately not much of the busy-ness of life has been bus related.  I have had a few trips out of town and quite a few hours of work in the office. Wifey has had a full load of homeschooling and downsizing as well as craiglisting and our regular weekly appointments.  I have been able to get a few hours of work in on the bus though.  Strongly focused on the Bedroom area.  Slow moving but definitely moving.

To this point I have been able to get the complete substructure cut and fit into the bus.

This was what it looked like on day 1 when we purchased it-  (sans the cup from Jersey Mike’s)

This is the CAD/Sketchup file that I have used to design the bedroom –


And this is the video that I took yesterday –

Bedroom Updates

As you can see – we are making some progress.  I’ve had a bit of help from a few friends here and there. A huge thanks goes out to a great neighbor of mine who is really a master of all trades has been a huge blessing in getting this stuff together.  He’s got all the makings of a woodshop in his garage and has been as excited as I am in helping out with this project.  Here is the latest picture from today as we put up a template that he just cut.

As this bus is anything but square or level, it would have taken me 3 times and lots of wood to get this template to fit so well.  This guy nails it on the 1st try.  Awesome. (so awesome I had to take a picture) This week we (Wifey really) need to pick out the stain that we will finish the wood in.  I also have a little bit of touch up work and I will be putting together the shelves that will be going in the center console.

Looking down the road – Need to start thinking about the bathroom.  That will have to shrink.  I think we are going to try and keep the shower and possibly the vanity?  Maybe not (says Wifey).

I’ll also need to get rid of one of the AC units in the basement. (Anyone want a 24k BTU dual compressor RV AC unit?) This will make room for the new freshwater, gray and black tanks that will be part of the bathroom overhaul. The replacement AC unit will be a mini-split in the front of the bus.

Hoping to have the facing and cabinets done by the end of March.  We will also have some dresser cabinets on the other side of the bedroom to assemble as well but these should be much quicker and easier to install.  Then on to the bathroom and then the bunks!!!  Slow and steady wins the race.



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  1. Who ever did your layout on your site needs an at-a-bou.It is very user friendly.I just startred on your site and in some what doing the same with a 4106 .We had planned on traveling in our minestry. wright now we both have some health problems had to put traveling on a back burner.We will keep up with your progress and keep in touch.. Tony

    • Tony, Thanks! We paid for a domain-name and site-hosting through Blue-Host and went straight to Word Press as it seems to be the most commonly used format out there. We set it up ourselves (Wifey & I). There was a little frustration at first but once we started hacking away at it and found a template we liked (Weaver II) it started to get easier and easier. We will probably make a few changes going forward but we both agree on a simple layout. I would love to see some pics of your project. We -Sean

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